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New season begins!

September 1st, 2023

After every winter we have to make one first trip to the lodge to get everything ready. Here’s some behind-the-scenes of our work to ensure a comfortable travel experience.

Friday the 1st, september begins and with it our fishing season. Five 4WD met at the crossing where the route 40 detours and the road to the lodge begins for our first attempt to enter Jurassic Lake after the winter (it has been a cruel one but that’s good news, you’ll see). Patagonian roads can be tricky. There were guanacos all over and it was snowing a lot. Everything was white at times, you couldn’t tell where the land and the sky met and sometimes you couldn’t even see the road. It was beautiful, yes, but also difficult to drive. So after six long miles that kept getting harder and harder we couldn’t go any further. After a while we made a stop and checked the conditions of the route ahead and came back with the bad news: we would have to try again tomorrow. So we decided to spend the night in Gregores, ate the sandwiches that Isabel Restaurant kindly gave us and went to sleep hoping that the weather would be milder on Saturday.

The next day we got up at six, began driving at seven and got to the crossing by eight. The weather was much better, warmer and sunnier. The road can present many challenges, the worst ones are “voladeros” (accumulation of snow due to the wind) and the layers of ice that break below you and leave you stranded in a pool of water. We got snowbound a couple of times. We had to shovel the snow out of the road and break the blocks of ice with an ax and remove the pieces by hand. It took us a bit longer than usual. Since the weather improved, the snow is now melting fast and the roads are cleared and perfect for everyone to come and enjoy the experience. It was already dark and we were tired but happy to be there to get everything ready for the new season. Finally, about the good news we told you before, the last few winters were dry but this one was the opposite, the huge amount of snow means more water in the lake and envisions an incredible fishing season. Keep up to date with our next posts, we expect some of our own records to be broken.


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