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How does a 24 pound rainbow trout look like?

You know what they say: inspiration exists but it finds you working. It's a reminder that often, the most remarkable moments and achievements come to those who are actively engaged in their pursuits. A similar truth can be found on Jurassic Lake: 'greater catches exist, but they find you fishing.' Just as inspiration rewards the diligent worker, the biggest and most unforgettable catches in the world of angling often appear when you're out there with your line in the water, fully immersed in the experience, and patiently awaiting the magic that only fishing can bring.

Now imagine this: Friday afternoon, the sun is up and the sky is blue and clear. Our guides and anglers are spending some time together at the shore of our picturesque Strobel Lake. They chat, they share anecdotes, they have a laugh. And they cast, of course. What they don’t know is that in a matter of minutes they’ll experience an unforgettable moment, one they will share with other anglers, probably on friday afternoons while having a laugh.

But let’s go back to the shore, to the casting, to the let’s-try-some-dry-flies. A humble beetle fly was the choice for an almost casual roll cast by one of our talented anglers when he felt the bite and as he skillfully reeled in his line came the magic instant: a 24 pound chrome trout emerged from our waters shining colorfully. The sun shining on its scales only made the moment more magical.

At Jurassic Lake we’re lucky to have our share of extraordinary trouts over 20 pounds on a regular basis, and we can proudly say that we’re the only place in the world where you can achieve such a thing. But let’s be honest, these kinds of moments keep the passion for angling alive, and the story of the 24-pound trout's appearance will become a favorite tale among their fellow anglers. It goes to show that even though hard work and dedication are essential, sometimes, nature surprises us in the most unexpected ways. Do you think you can beat it? We think the best part is trying. This is what makes Jurassic Lake so special.


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