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I see your 24 and raise you…

A few weeks ago, we enthralled you with the tale of a 24-pound catch that resonated across Jurassic Lake (experience it here). Now, brace for more, as the stakes have been raised higher, promising an angling adventure like never before.

Let's rewind to the day before this incredible catch: José, one of our skilled guides, was leading Taylor, Brad, and Chris. The latter two showcased their angling prowess, landing impressive trout weighing 21 and 23 pounds. It seemed Taylor was saving the best for last.

Now, fast forward to the very next day at around 11 AM. Fueled by the success of the remarkable catches the day before, José made a strategic decision. Leading the group with a twinkle of anticipation, he steered them towards Bahía Cochinos (Pigs Bay).

Let me tell you a bit about that precious spot first, the usual place for records. It's called Bahía Cochinos because of the plump, well-fed trout that call it home. These fish, as fat as pigs, have turned this bay into a legendary fishing ground. Exposed to the brisk winds, this breathtaking spot lures in an abundance of silver-hued trout. The secret? The rocky shore, where these mighty fish venture close to feast on the amphipods, creating a spectacle that is both mesmerizing and challenging.

But back to the catch, José spotted the big silver trout and called Taylor, his first cast went a bit off, the second time was the charmed, the throw was precise and the fish got hold of an orange head scud. That’s when the fight started and went on for almost 20 minutes with a number 8 rod on one end and an impressive 25 pound trout on the other. Finally Taylor reeled it in and established a new record for the season.

So Taylor saw out 24 and raised it to 25, who dares to beat it? Hold onto your reels, folks, because the waters are alive with the spirit of competition, and the fish are playing for keeps! Dive into the adventure of a lifetime at Jurassic Lake, where every cast is a gamble, and every catch is a triumph.


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