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Relaxing in the comfort of the Jurassic Lake Lodge, visiting anglers look out upon a spectacular panoramic view of where the Barrancoso River joins Strobel Lake. The waters in this sheltered bay and the lower Barrancoso are easily among the greatest trophy rainbow trout fisheries in the world and they are only a short walk from the Lodge’s front steps. On any day of the season, a guest sitting in the Lodge’s comfortable front room could watch another visiting angler catch the biggest rainbow trout of their life. 


During the first seasons at Strobel Lake, visiting guests stayed in a modest tent camp near the shore. The fishing was exceptional but the lodging left room for improvement. Since those early days, the camp has been transformed into a beautiful, modern lodge. Completely remodeled and expanded in 2016, Jurassic Lake Lodge can host up to ten visiting anglers. Single and double occupancy rooms are available and each includes a private bathroom and hot shower. Despite the remote and windswept location in Southern Argentine Patagonia, the Lodge remains connected to the outside world through satellite phones, satellite television and high speed internet access. Electricity is provided around the clock with our solar power system.


When they aren’t fishing, anglers enjoy the warmth and hospitality of Southern Argentina. Meals are prepared by the Lodge’s dedicated chef. They are hearty and generous and include the famous Argentinian “Asado” barbecues and dishes prepared with delicious Patagonian lamb raised on nearby estancias. Meals are paired with a wonderful selection of Argentinian wines and a full bar featuring an extensive collection of single malt and blended whiskies is available for guests to enjoy during their stay.


Join us at Jurassic Lake Lodge next season. The trophy rainbow trout fishing remains as exceptional as ever. After the recent expansion and remodelling of our Lodge, visiting anglers also enjoy comforts and amenities to match that amazing experience.

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