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Moro and Lagoons 11.JPG


Moro Creek, and its interconnected network of ponds and lagoons, are a beautiful and unique feature of the Jurassic Lake Lodge property. This small, wild creek is a tributary of the upper Rio Barrancoso. During Spring runoff, Moro Creek and the Lagoons fill with snow melt from the mountains and trout find their way into these intimate waters.


We love fishing Moro Creek because it is a complete change of pace from Lago Strobel. The lake is amazing, but it is also vast and windswept. Some anglers welcome the opportunity to see, and fish, a small corner of wild Patagonia. Moro Creek and the Lagoons are exactly that. These are intimate, classic waters where wild rainbow trout rise to dry flies or aggressively grab drifted nymphs. 


The trout of Moro Creek are plentiful, but not nearly as large as their heavy cousins in Lago Strobel and the Rio Barrancoso, but they are eager to eat flies because very few anglers fish these waters throughout the year. This is wild and remote trout water and we sometimes think of it as what fishing in Montana might have been like two centuries ago.

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