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Strobel Lake

Lago Strobel is a large desert sink lake found at 3000 feet of elevation in a remote and desolate rangeland in Southern Argentina. This is wild, windswept country deep in the heart of Patagonia. Lago Strobel’s cold, turquoise water is filled with huge numbers of rainbow trout feeding on the lake’s incredible populations of scuds and other aquatic insects. This seemingly endless supply of food, relative lack of angling pressure and little natural predation allows the trout to grow to astounding sizes in a short amount of time.


Guests of Jurassic Lake Lodge can productively fish Lago Strobel with a variety of streamers, dry flies, nymphs and scud patterns. We fish with floating lines most often, but will occasionally opt for intermediate or sinking fly lines in certain places or conditions. The trick to consistently catching these fish is to master a slow, deliberate retrieve. Anglers can also have great opportunities to sight cast to cruising trout, especially on calm mornings and evenings.


Our fishing access extends along many miles of Lago Strobel’s shoreline including a number of wind sheltered, productive bays and coves for our guests choose from.