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Charter Flight Information

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Spend Less Time Driving and More Time Fishing: Charter Flight Details for Jurassic Lake Lodge

For years, our guests endured an arduous eight hour drive across the rugged Southern Patagonia landscape in order to gain access to the incredible fishing, remote location and hospitality offered at Jurassic Lake Lodge. Fortunately, this long journey (many guests called it “The Road from Hell”) is no longer a necessity. Today, travel to Lago Strobel is easier, faster, and more comfortable than ever before because the majority of our guests are now able to fly directly to the Lodge instead of driving.

We recently constructed a private airstrip just a few minutes drive from the Lodge. This allows us to provide exclusive round trip charter flight service between Comodoro Rivadavia and Lago Strobel. Getting to and from the Lodge, a process that used to take nearly an entire day by overland drive, now takes only a little over an hour by plane. The charter flight is a true game changer when it comes to travel comfort and convenience. Most importantly, it lets our guests spend less time driving and more time fishing.

Charter Flight Logistics

The standard, weekly round trip charter flight operates on Saturdays. It delivers arriving guests to the Lodge in the morning and, on the return trip, brings departing guests back to Comodoro Rivadavia in the afternoon. 

Inbound guests need to arrive to Comodoro Rivadavia sometime on the Friday before their scheduled flight. They should plan to stay overnight in a hotel in order to catch the Saturday morning charter flight to the Lodge. 

Departing guests will arrive to Comodoro Rivadavia early in the afternoon. They should plan to catch a late afternoon or early return flight to Buenos Aires. 

If the regularly scheduled Saturday flight from Comodoro Rivadavia doesn’t fit your itinerary, we can arrange private charter flights from most major areas of Patagonia and overland transfers from Calafate. Contact us at to discuss alternative travel options to the Lodge.  

Weight Restrictions 

The total allowable weight for the charter flight is limited. Because of this, each guest is strictly limited to a total of 50 pounds of luggage. 

For example, a traveler can have a checked bag weighing 33 pounds and a carry-on bag weighing 17 pounds, for a total of 50 pounds. Alternatively, a traveler can have a single checked bag weighing 50 pounds and no carry-on. Either way, the total combined luggage/bag weight for each passenger must be no more than 50 pounds.

Please note that these weight restrictions are set by the charter flight company to assure safe travel to and from the Lodge. If a guest’s bags are overweight, excess baggage can be stored in a secure locker in Comodoro Rivadavia during your time at the Lodge.

If needed, an additional flight can be arranged to deliver overweight or extra baggage to the Lodge. This extra flight will be at the cost of the guest requiring the additional shipment.

Flight Cancellation Procedures

In the rare event that weather conditions are too dangerous to fly, the charter flight company may cancel or delay the flight to or from Jurassic Lake Lodge. This decision is made as far in advance as possible, but could occur last minute if conditions are deemed unsafe. 

In this event, every effort will be made by Lodge staff to make alternative travel and lodging arrangements for our guests. For more information on this policy, visit our website: Charter Flight Information


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