There is no freshwater system in the world comparable with this 63 km2 lake, here trouts found the perfect system to live and get to +20 lb in just a few years. But not all the coast of the lake is the same and we are lucky to hold the most productive beats in the area by far!

Here is a resume of a few of the most popular beats of the lake:

Mouth bay

If we were put on the spot and asked specifically where the most prolific 100 yards of trophy trout water in the world was, our response would be instant and our tone would be confident. “It is where Argentina’s Rio Barrancoso flows into Lago Strobel.”

cochinos bay

Everyone ho had the chance to fish this beat knows exactly how productive it's this incredible bay.

Here is usual to sight cast for +20 rainbow trouts patrolling the bay, specially close to the big rocks.

silver bay

Silver bay is located at 15 min drive from the Lodge, during calm days, fishing here is like fishing the saltwater flats. For sure, one of our favorites beats!



This bay has become one of the highlights during this season with +20 lb class trouts chance on every cast