Santa Cruz - ARGENTINA



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Every angler has at some point dreamt about wetting a line in crystal clear, remote and untouched water filed with enormous fish. Here at Jurassic  Lake Lodge we offer much more than just fishing for the huge trout that reside within the lake. The Barrancoso river provides the angler with a completely different challenge to the lake, with enormous trout holding in the smallest of pots and pools in preparation to migrate further up river.

The sight and sheer number of fish you can see due to the incredible clarity of the water is completely mind blowing and really needs to be seen to believed. The diversity of pools within the river and changeable water and weather conditions mean that a variety of techniques can prove successful on any given day, from upstream dries to Czech nymphing, each pool creates a different scenario for the angler to approach in their chosen way. Our lodge holds exclusive access to almost the entire river (95%) from the headwaters to the inlet into Strobel lake. There can be no doubt that this is one of the best freshwater systems in the world.


Barrancoso river have 4 sections:

Lower Section

2 km

Map: Green

Mid Section

7,5 km

Map: Blue

High Section

10 km

Map: Yellow


15 km

Map: Red


Lower sections


This has to be by far the most productive section of the river, with huge trout migrating in via the inlet all rear round. Due to this, catch rates on this stretch of the river are truly staggering. As well as the small pools dotted along the river, you have the opportunity to fish in what we like to call the aquarium. A large pool midway up the lower section of the river that the fish use to hold in before continuing on their upward migration. In this section of the river we recommend the use of a 7 weight rod with streamers also being effective in certain stretches of the river and the aquarium.

Medium section


Even though, the majority of the larger fish from the lake cannot access this section of the river, it still offers incredible fishing in breathtaking scenery. This section is a 10 km freestone which holds fish up to the 10 Lb mark, still a huge trout by most of other rivers standards.

Upper section


There are more than 20 km of the upper section of the Barrancoso river that has still yet to be fished. If you are looking for challenging fishing in some of the most untouched waters in patagonia the this section is certainly ticks all the boxes.



Almost unexplored, the Barrancoso headwaters is a 15 km section. Even with a difficult access, the upper section is a dream come true for those anglers looking for a pristine and untouched river