All fly fishing is done while wading or standing on the bank. There are typically one guide every two/three anglers depending on the fishing beat. During a fishing week, anglers can expect to fish different sections of exclusive access to the Barrancoso river ( That runs almost entirely through our property ), the bays surrounding the inlet, several bays at the lake including Bahia Cochinos, Silver Bay, Bahia Grande, Secret Bay, lagoons and during the high water season, 10 miles of the the mid and upper section of the Moro Creek, a small creek that chains around 20 smaller lakes together. During the months of November through mid january, this small creek fishes great with dry flies.

The most productives beats of the river and the lake are at just a walking distance from the lodge but in order to access to the rest of the waters our guides uses trucks to drive guests to the different beats inside our property.

Full week Program - Pre-trip Information

Prior departure

To complete the arrangements for your trip you will need to: 

  • Arrange flights to/from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Arrange flights between Buenos Aires and Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina

  • Arrange hotel in Comodoro Rivadavia

  • Complete your personal online Guest Registration Form(s) 

Thursday / Day 1: 

Fryday / Day 2:

Depart Home. 

Arrive Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE - Pistarini):

You will need to clear customs and transfer to the J. Newbury Domestic Airport (AEP) to make your connecting flight to Comodoro Rivadavia. Please give yourself at least 4 hours for this transfer.

Depart Buenos Aires Domestic Airport (AEP – J. Newbery): TBD

Note: Currently the best flight to book from Buenos Aires to Comodoro Rivadavia is the following: AA flight #1840 at 3:40PM. Please be advised that flight schedules are subject to change.

Arrive Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD): TBD

A representative from Jurassic Lake Lodge will greet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. Overnight at your elected accommodations in Comodoro Rivadavia (independently arranged and not included). Please see below for hotel recommendations. 

Saturday / Day 3:

A representative from Jurassic Lake Lodge will meet you at your hotel and transfer you to the airport for the special charter flight to the Jurassic Lake an hour before the charter flight departure time.

Depart Comodoro Rivadavia - Arrive Jurassic Lake

Departure time is usually around 8 AM but this may change according to the weather

Upon arrival at the lodge you can get settled in and then head out for a full day of fishing.

Sunday - Friday Day 4 - 9: 

Six full days of guided fishing. 

Saturday / Day 10: 

This morning after breakfast you will depart on the charter flight back to Comodoro Rivadavia.

Depart Jurassic Lake: Approx. 10:30AM Arrive Comodoro Rivadavia: Approx. 11:45AM

Depart Comodoro Rivadavia: TBD

Note: Currently the best flight to book from Comodoro Rivadavia back to Buenos Aires is:
AA #2835 at 4:05 PM – 6:20 PM

Please be advised that flight schedules are subject to change.

Arrive Buenos Aires (AEP - J Newbery): TBD

You will need to transfer from the domestic airport (AEP - J. Newbury) to the international airport (EZE – Pistarini) to catch your flight home. Please give yourself at least 4 hours for this transfer.

Depart Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE - Pistarini): 

Fryday / Day 2: 

Arrive Home. 

Included: Accommodations and meals at the lodge, charter flight to/from the lodge, wine beer and alcoholic beverages ( except for the whisky selection for sale by shots or bottle ), guided fishing, fishing license.

Not Included: Airfare, hotels, meals, intra-country travel logistics (airport transfers, hotel, and domestic flights), fishing equipment, alcohol, staff and guide gratuities ( recomended 10% of the cost of the trip ). 

Emergency /Contact Information

Pia Mosso, Travel Agent in Argentina: 

Carlos Lopez Casanello, General Manager: 

Julian Escalada, Lodge Manager:

Lodge Satelital Phone:






Comodoro Rivadavia Hotel Recommendations:

Lucania Palazzo Hotel:

Moreno 676; +54.297.449.9300;

Austral Plaza Hotel:

Moreno 725, +54.297.447.2200;

Other Information:

Documentation Requirements: US Citizens will need a valid passport to enter Argentina and it must be valid for six months after the last day of your trip.

Reciprocity Fee: US citizens were granted exemption from paying the reciprocity fee by Presidential Decree No. 959/2016, published on August 23, 2016.

The reciprocity fee still applies to Australian and Canadian passport holders.

If you are an Australian or Canadian citizen and do not have an Argentina stamp in your current passport you are required to pay for the reciprocity fee online before you travel.

Go to the following website: .

Once paid, you will receive an electronic receipt. You will be required to show the receipt upon your arrival in Argentina. If you do not have it you will be denied entry into the country.

Reciprocity fees are good for 10 years from the date of issue. If you have already paid the fee and your passport is stamped, that is sufficient. If your current passport should expire and a new one is issued, travelers should bring the expired passport with the original stamp in it with them on their journey.

Currency: The dollar is widely accepted in Argentina, and you can change dollars for pesos at your hotel in Buenos Aires or at any bank. US dollars are in high demand but now black market on the street exchanges offer is similar to the bank. When paid in dollars, most merchants will give change in pesos.

Travel Cash: It's a good idea to travel with at least $800 in cash for gratuities and for small in town tipping and /or on the airport snacks/drinks. Please use cash only at the lodge as traveller’s checks and credit cards are not accepted.

Gratuities: We recommend gratuities in the range of $70.00-$80.00 per person per day, which can be given to the lodge manager to be split among the staff.

Fishing Licenses: Fishing licenses are included and issued on-site.

Climate: The region is very windy and harsh so come well prepared! Temperatures can vary widely and the area can be hot especially in February. The early season and especially March and April can be cold. Sunscreen should always be packed as should quality wind proof clothing.

Medical Facilities: Calafate is the closest hospital and 8 hours from the Lodge. Due to the remote location, we strongly recommend that anglers purchase travel insurance and medical evacuation coverage.

Power and Communications: The Lodge has now 24 hours electric power supplied by a solar system (220 volts, 50 cycles). A standard converter and European adapter for two pronged plug should work fine throughout Argentina and at Jurassic Lake Lodge. The Lodge also has a satellite phone for emergency use and 24 hours satellital internet connection with WIFI (Satellital connection in the south can be very slow but works good to stay connected through whatsapp or messenger. There is no cell phone service.

Water: Plenty of bottled water is on hand and is considered the only safe drinking water.

Clothing: It is recommended that anglers layer their clothing, enabling the adding and subtracting of garments throughout the day. Pack windstopper fleece jackets, thermal underwear, wool socks and a wool cap to be prepared for the extreme wind and weather that the area is rightfully famous for. Layering with wool or synthetics is always recommended and avoid cotton. A reliable windstopper fleece and a high quality rain jacket are mandatory. Several pairs of gloves are also a good idea if traveling to the lake in late March or April. Rugged waterproof camp shoes are also a good choice.

Laundry: In case of emergency, laundry service is available at the lodge with no extra cost.

Beverages/Alcohol: Beer and wine and strong alcoholic drinks are included in your package price except for the whisky selection for sale by shots of bottle

Charter Flight information                    

Weight Limit: Every guest can carry a 15 kg ( 33 lb ) bag and a 8 kg ( 17 lb ) carry-on bag, Excess weight or excess baggage can be left in the flight company lockers.

A extra flight with 300 kg ( 660 lb ) capacity can be arranged to carry overweight or extra baggages to the lodge with a extra cost of u$s 1000 per flight.

Flight Cancellation: Due to bad weather conditions, charter flight company may cancel or delay the flight. The decision is usually taken 2 days prior the flight but last minute cancellation may occur.

In case that the charter flight company cancels the flight and depending on road conditions and flights seats availability, Jurassic Lake Lodge will reprogram all guests domestic flights to depart or arrive to the most convenient city and driven to the Lodge. International flights changes will not be covered, it's recommended to depart home one day after the departure date form the lodge.

Guests departing from Jurassic Lake Lodge will be driven to the selected destination on Friday at noon and overnight.

Arriving Guest's domestics flights will be reprogramed to the selected city and driven from there to the Lodge.

Jurassic Lake Lodge will cover domestic flights reissue and hotel night. Hotel will be chosen by JLL, room upgrades or hotel change will not be covered. Guests taking a double based package will be offered a double room, single room supplement guests will be offered a single room accommodation. JLL will not cover hotels refunds, meals, international flights reissues or any other expense generated due charter flight cancellation or delays.