Fishing at Jurassic Lake Lodge is not just fishing for big trouts at the lake, its also about fishing for big trouts at the Barrancoso River... All anglers dream of fishing some of the most remote, untouched waters on earth for large rainbow trout. The Barrancoso River is for sure a dream come true, every season, large numbers of migrating trouts of the lake runs into this unique river, offering all anglers the chance to sight cast for some of the biggest wild rainbow trouts in the world in a cristal clear stream. Our lodge holds exclusive access to almost the entire river ( 95 % ), from the headwaters to the inlet at the Strobel Lake. The Barrancoso River is without a doubt, one of the most productive freshwater rivers in the world.


Low section

The low section of the barrancoso river is for sure the most productive of all the river. Migrating huge trouts of the lake runs into the river almost all the season. Sizes and catch numbers are really incredible!

Recommended tackle for this section of the river is a 8 weight rod with floating line. We fish it mainly with dry flies and nymphs.

Mid Section

Even if most of the big trouts can't go up into the river, some of them reach to this section of the river. The mid section is a 10 km freestone with trouts up to 8 lb and a incredible section to fish with dry flies and nymphs. 

Upper section

Most of the more of 20 km of the upper section of the Barrancoso River have never been fished before, if you are looking for a challenging fishing and explore new untouched waters, the upper section is for sure the best option in all Patagonia..